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 T.H. Rogers School Natatorium

T.H. Rogers School Natatorium - T.H. Rogers is part of the Houston Independent School District’s Vanguard Program serving handicapped and gifted students. As a facility designed for multi-handicapped children, the natatorium consists of a 50-meter swimming pool and a smaller hydro-therapy pool. A wood glue-laminated structural system was devised to facilitate the openness of the structure. Wood also deteriorates less than other materials after being exposed to chlorine over a long period of time. Special foundation considerations were required in order for the structure to abut the existing school. Garage doors were installed in one wall for cross-ventilation and year-round use.

Client: Be An Angel Foundation; The Houston Independent School District
Location: Houston, Texas
Size: 10,000 sf
Date: 1997

Architect: Watkins Carter Hamilton Architects, Inc.
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